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John Cena
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Before you start working with pressed flowers you should know how to press flowers. Adding satisfaction and enjoyment to your activity of creating a finished and pressed flower piece is you knowing the art of pressing the flowers. Should you not know how to press flowers, please read on as I discuss some basics of pressing flowers.
How to press flowers?
· Flower Preparation – The idea is to press the flowers when there is no moisture content on them. This can be ensured by pressing the flowers immediately after picking them. This will allow you to see the true colors of the flowers when they blossom.
· Press flowers in books – Buy some rugged books for a low price and dedicate them for your flower pressing needs. Start by keeping the flower between two sheets of paper and weigh the book down. This is a traditional though effective technique of pressing flowers.
· Buy Flower Presses – Invest some money and buy your own flower presses for pressing flowers. Should you not decide to spend money on buying flower presses, make your own. If you have good skills working with wood, I would advice you to make a botanical flower press. The advantage of using a botanical flower press is that it allows greater air circulation for the flowers.
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